DT3 Server - Sync Issues

I’m seeing a variety of synchronization issues with every web browser I use connected to the DT3 server. To be more specific:

  • If I create a new markdown document, the name “New Topic” stays in the item list pane above despite my changing it. In my macOS desktop client, the correct name will appear when the item syncs.
  • The process of that item syncing can take a surprisingly long time. When I make changes on my iMac, I often see them reflected on my MacBook Pro within seconds, but creating a new item in a web browser often means I don’t see that item on my iMac for minutes.
  • This may be related to the aforementioned naming/sync issues, but when I create a new markdown document, the browser often “stalls” (for lack of a better term) with nothing in the content pane. In this case, I can click in the content pane and start typing, but none of my text is saved. I only discover this when I switch away and find the entire browser tab is essentially dead. At that point, I have to close the tab, sometimes the whole browser, to reconnect to DT3. When I do, that’s when I learn that none of my text was saved.
  • Similarly, the browser often seems to “stall” simply when changing items. I often find that clicking one of my groups in the navigation pane results in nothing showing up in the items list. When that happens, I have to do the tab/browser close thing and re-login to get back to a working state.
  • And finally, the browser will also “stall” if I simply don’t use it for a few minutes. I can come back to a tab I was using as little as a couple minutes ago, click a new item and find nothing happening, or start typing in the contents pane and lose everything I type, etc.

There seem to be some pretty troubling issues maintaining connection or synchronization with the actual server. This is greatly impeding my work flow.

The web application does not sync in the same way as instances of DEVONthink on multiple Macs. The web application displays and snapshot of the contents of a database and to see changes you would need to refresh the button on the toolbar.

The stalling issues, are they on a browser in Windows, if so which browser and version of Windows are you using. Does the database or folder that you are currently working in contain a large number of records?

I’ve been testing with different browsers on different platforms. I see essentially the same issues on my Windows 10 Pro x64 system using Firefox, Firefox started in safe mode, Chrome, and Edge. I see those same issues on my macOS computers as well (a 2017 iMac and a 2014 MacBook Pro) using Firefox and Safari. As to the number of records, I see them in my smallest database with a couple of groups and less than a handful of markdown notes.

I did learn yesterday that fairly compulsive clicking of the “Refresh” button on the toolbar seems to improve the situation. At least then the browser doesn’t “stall” so often. Is that supposed to be part of the workflow? That is, am I supposed to type a sentence or two and hit refresh to save my changes?

Are you accessing the web sharing on computers on your local network or over the Internet?

I’m doing both, and I see the same kind of “stall” problems with both approaches, connecting on the same local network or over the Internet.

The next time you get a stall, could you open the browser console. To do this if you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, select the ‘…’ button on the right hand side of the toolbar and from the menu choose More tools->Developer Tools (Or use the shortcut key, on Windows this is Ctrl+Shift+I and on the Mac Option+Command+I).

The browser screen should now be split with the web application on on side and the developer tools on the other. In the Developer Tools side select the Console tab. Are there any entries in red? If so could you take a screen shot of these.

Sure thing. I opened the tab a few minutes ago, knowing I could cause a stall. I switched to Outlook, dealt with a few emails, and sure enough it was “stalled” when I returned. I’m uploading the requested screenshot, though I’ve edited it to remove my domain information.

Thanks this is more than likely the reason that you are getting a stall, I will look into in it.

Excellent! Let me know if I can help you debug it. I’m a developer myself FWIW, so I have more than a passing familiarity with web applications.

Any progress on this? The inability to sync content reliably from web browsers is greatly impeding my daily work flow.

I am still working on the issue at the moment

It looks like the issue was caused by a problem in a 3rd party library, since updating the library I haven’t been able to reproduce the error. Once I have finished testing with different OS and browsers it will be included in the next update.

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Let me know if you want a guinea pig to test it out :slight_smile:

I will let you know when there is a beta version available

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Any progress here? I find the web interface is basically useless save as a read-only tool because I can’t rely on any changes I make to be saved to the server. This is greatly impeding workflow. Thanks in advance.

This should be addressed in the next release. I am seeing changes made in the web sharing UI propagate to the file in DEVONthink.

Excellent! Any idea when that might be?

Sorry but we don’t publish development timeframes. But we are hard at work on the next release right now.