DT3 Server - Three Macs, one PC (Upgrade to, number of seats required)

Hi there!

I must admit I’m still totally confused after reading similar threads about the server edition. I’m a single user running three Macs, one of them a laptop plus a Windows PC.
I own DT3 Pro so I have two activated seats. I’m thinking of getting a third seat for my lonely Mac. On the other hand I’d also like the possibility to use DT on my Windows PC via a browser.

Would this mean that I have to buy an additional seat for DT3 Pro AND buy the upgrade to the server version AND buy an additional seat of the server edition to be able to also include my PC?

  • If you upgrade a Pro license, then yes you’d need to purchase an additional seat for the third Mac.
  • If you purchased the Server edition, you’d get two seats with the purchase. That would cover the third Mac and potentially a fourth.

Thank you for the quick reply and sorry for my stubbornness but I’m still confused. Within my account showing me my upgrade options it says that that if one upgrades one exchanges the prior licenses for the new ones (excluding additional seats). To me that reads like my existing two DT3 Pro seats simply will get the option of also being used with a browser meaning I’m missing two seats for my intention.

Are you saying that by upgrading to the server version I get two additional licenses/seats that I can either use as two full born DT3 Pro apps or one as a full born DT3 Pro App and one as a browser edition to use on my Windows PC?

Is it correct that If I’d then want to access my DT3 databases from anywhere lets say an internet café or on the go I’ll just need to give in my credentials into any browser on any computer and have the required access or would that be viewed as an extra seat requirement?

Note the emboldened words in my reply.

Upgrading would leave you with two seats of Server because you’d be upgrading the Pro purchase.

Purchasing the Server edition would be in addition to keeping your Pro license (which would remain Pro licenses). This would give you two seats of the Server edition.

Okay, that helped to clarify things for me now. Thanks again!
Looks like I’ll stick with DT3 Pro for the moment and just get an extra seat.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: