[DT3] Smart Rule trigger next rule


I would like to achive this:

  • Adding webloc bookmarks to my Inbox will convert them into webarchives automatically
    • This works with “On Import” event
  • Delete the webloc file
    • This also works within the same smart rule
  • Moving the new webarchive automatically into a folder
    • ???

I tried it with a second rule that looks for webarchive files in the Inbox, but the “On Import” event seems not to trigger when the webarchive file is added by a rule. It works only, when I manually add a webarchive file. My workaround is to trigger the rule by “On Sync” but with this I have to wait some seconds.

Any ideas?

This isn’t possible right now, maybe we’ll add more smart rule actions. Another possibility might be to use a script in the smart rule which performs all actions.

I would also love to leave a vote here for the trigger next rule feature. Especially now that I found out that rules dont start after actions triggered by other rules.