DT3. Sorry if this is obv

Trying to find the the location for this, so I can change its color and icon.
Where are the inbox folders located in DT3?



There aren’t any Inbox folders in the filesystem, just as there are no groups (ignoring indexed groups).

In DT2 we had access to Inboxes for each Databases, one can easily edit its icon/color.

This is how it looks right now in DT3. It is reflecting from DT2.

Damnit so this will be gone when I delete DT2 :confused:


I’m confused. Are you just wanting to change the icon of databases’ Inboxes in the Globals section?

Umm yeah. And perhaps its color too.
Don’t kill me if I over saw it.

In DEVONthink 3, you already can add a custom icon to the Inboxes of database, except for the Global Inbox (which is its own database).


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Excellent! now I just need to find out how. I’m assuming I can add label to the title (colors too)?

I don’t care about the Global Inbox, just the databases. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Jim.

Yes, you can but I won’t say it’s a good idea visually. And note, this is likely unintended, even if it’s likely harmless.


(@cgrunenberg will have to assess if this is a bug. It appears to be since it’s showing the Modern and Dots modes simultaneously.)


now I just need to find out how.

Come on! You can find it :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I don’t use custom icons for stuff like this and it’s not something we specifically advocate or code for, so I’m just testing it out for this purpose. :slight_smile:


I know, without colors right now it looks ok but I might change my mind, if I do then I will buzz you :wink:

How do yo change the icon? Can’t seem to find this option.

Beta 3 will fix this glitch.

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