DT3 standard or DT Pro for scanning with Fujitsu Scansnap

I have a Scansnap S1500M that scans and has built in OCR. It scans a file and dumps it into DT. I am on the trial version and am trying to decide whether to buy DT standard or DT Pro. For me, the only effective difference between the two DT versions is scanning OCR. But if my Scansnap already has built in OCR, it seems I do not need to purchase OCR again in DT Pro, thus saving me 1/2 the cost of DT Pro. Both use the ABBY engine, and the only difference I can tell is the DT Pro can run OCR on any file, not just scans. But since I also own Acrobat, which can do OCR, it seems getting DT Pro is redundant. Am I understanding this correctly? The only thing I use OCR is to search for keywords in scanned files. Thanks!

There are more features than just OCR in the Pro edition.

Edition Comparison

Yes, I understand, but I dont plan on using those for now.

I use ScanSnap with DT Pro. I have ScanSnap Manager set up to send scans directly to DT, and DT does the OCR. If you don’t want to pay for DT Pro, you can set ScanSnap Manager (or Home) to do the OCR and store the scan as a searchable PDF disk file which you can then manually drag into DT, or have ScanSnap Manager or Home place into the Global Inbox folder in the Finder, /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox .

You should not set the ScanSnap software to write to the Global Inbox is it is going to be doing the OCR. The file will be imported into DEVONthink before the process is done.

Thanks, that makes sense. So you should scan searchable PDF to a particular directory, and then use one of the many ways to import files into DT.

That would be the best way for sure.