DT3 sync doesn't appear in Activity window

Just getting started with DT3 – I have iCloud sync set up with DTTG. I had made a lot of changes to a database in DTTG. I started DT3 and sync prefs showed it had just synced but none of my changes were visible. I checked the Activity window – nothing. Then about half a minute later all my changes appeared.

Shouldn’t an active sync appear in the Activity window?

Shouldn’t an active sync appear in the Activity window?

It’s possible the activity was shown in the Activity pane at the bottom of the Navigate sidebar.

Ok but presumably given the name all activity should be visible in the Activity window though too?

Update: just did it again & it’s not visible in either location. Sync prefs show a last synced time of a minute ago but the changes don’t appear immediately & nothing’s visible in either the Activity window or the Activity pane. Then they appear.

It would just be nice to know that the sync is actually complete before I start working on the Mac.

the changes don’t appear immediately

When you sync changes do not “appear immediately”, unless yu were using a Bonjour sync on your local network. This is especially true of iCloud syncing as it syncs locally, then iCloud does it’s own syncing.

I don’t expect the changes to appear immediately. I would expect there to be some kind of indicator that a sync is in process (as in DTTG, Mail, omnifocus, dropbox, chronosync, etc.)

The prefs have a date time stamp which I thought indicated the last time a sync completed, but this appears to update when a sync is still ongoing.

Where can I look to see if the most recent sync operation is complete (if not in the sync prefs or the Activity window or panel)?

The Activity window or pane should show sync progress, if there’s sufficient traffic.
Sync timestamps are per-database in the Sync preferences.

Is this true for the local as well as the networked phase of the iCloud sync? I’ve watched this again and there’s definitely a lag of almost a minute between the last sync time in preferences changes, and the time the actual changes appear in the synced database, with no indication of Activity in the sidebar or the Activity window.

Sync is not running constantly. It runs on an interval, even when set to Automatic.

Right that’s fine but not really the issue. The issue is that when it runs there’s no indicator appearing in either Activity location.

Are you running multiple monitors?

@cgrunenberg would have to comment on when the Activity pane versus the Activity window displays _(as I only see the window right now), but otherwise
I just initiated an sync and am seeing this here…

The Activity window is only used if there’s no main window to show an Active pane (or if the window is opened by the user). And the Activity pane is used if there’s no Activity window.

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Thanks, Criss. Noting that as an edit to the documentation.