DT3 Tags appear in Finder search

When I go to a Finder window and choose “All Tags” I see tags not only for my regular MacOS files but also all of the tags for my DT3 database items.

Is there any way for the DT3 tags to remain internal to DT3 only and to not be seen or searchable in my regular Finder window?

In the help document there is a hidden preference where you can disable the sync of tags between index file/folder in MacOS and item/group in DT3. I have tested it myself.
But it takes sometime for cleaning up the tags in MacOS folder if you want to not showing the tags in MacOS after setting the preference. I’d suggest you test it with a sample or wait for final version to enable the preference.

et al:
Bear in mind this hidden preference disables both importing and exporting Finder Tags and also inhibits exporting Tag data for use with Spotlight.

That would be perfect for my needs - I want to keep DT completely separate from my finder file structure.

Where do I find out more about this hidden preference? I cannot find it in the Help document.

Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences : DisableFinderTags

OK thank you - I believe I got it

It seems to be this entry in Terminal:

defaults write com.devon-technologies.think3 DisableFinderTags -bool TRUE

Correct, or you could have merely clicked the link in the Help…

Keep in mind that this will not remove Finder tags already assigned to files before you imported them into DT and before you disabled the Finder tag integration in the hidden preferences. Those will remain with the files unless you manually remove them via Finder.

See my related post: Removing old Finder tags from imported documents