DT3 Time stamp is sometimes wrong

When I add an item (web page, email, etc.) to DT3, the time stamps are sometimes wrong.

I’m happy to say, that when I view these same items later, the time stamps have been corrected. But this sure is confusing when I’m sorting by Added, Created, or Modified columns; the last thing added is not necessarily on top.:flushed:

I’ve experienced this when using the Firefox DT3 extension and when using the Devonthink mail plug-in with Apple Mail.

I’m not sure, but maybe this happens when I am not on my home network??

Sounds like a display glitch because if DEVONthink could automatically fix wrong dates then it would be smarter than expected :slight_smile: Any steps how to reproduce this?

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You may well be right about it being a display problem. I’ll see if I can find a way to make this happen at will. :upside_down_face:

On the other hand, is it normal for the created, modified, and added, timestamps to be different between DT3 and the macOS file system? I do see these can differ as shown in this snapshot:

I don’t know how to intentionally cause this time problem.

I’ve had DT3 open all day (letting my computer sleep and wake at various times) and when I opened it just now at 8:48pm for a web clip, it showed the new item as added at 3:48 am. Also the other items I added today were all marked as added yesterday, even though they were correctly displayed when added.

I exited DT3 and restarted… and all dates now appear correctly.

I hope this provides some clue! :laughing:

Unfortunately not. What kind of items did you add? Where exactly did you spot the wrong date? Was it the same in the Info inspector/popover?

Did you import these bookmarks using version 2 or version 3? Version 2 didn’t retain the dates in this case, version 3 does.

Types of items have included: web clips for bookmarks, an email message via the Apple mail plug-in, and a text note added via the sorter.

I’ve been seeing the wrong dates in the main DT3 window. Next time I’ll compare to the Info inspector… never thought to check before.

This does happen everyday, but not reliably. It is always fixed by exiting and restarting DT3.

These were all created in DT3.

Sometimes the date is displayed as wrong immediately when the item is created. At other times, items which did display correct date when created are now shown in the main window with wrong dates/times. Next time I’ll also check the info inspector and see if it agrees…

Hi @cgrunenberg, in reference to your question, here is a screen shot taken at 3:12pm where DT3 is showing incorrect time in the main window (center pane) and the identical incorrect time in the information inspector sidebar.

Indeed all of the items clipped today as shown in the center pane in this snapshot are displaying the wrong time. In all cases, exiting and restarting DT3 shows all items with correct times.

Weird. The date is directly retrieved from the database and restarting the app doesn’t change the database. Is the difference always just a few hours?

@cgrunenberg, I got a number of snapshots of this problem and, going back over them, it seems the difference is 7 hours forward from my time.

One way to look at it is that, temporarily, I’m seeing GMT for the added item.

Weird. Sounds that the date zone is temporarily the wrong one and restarting the app fixes this. However, DEVONthink does never change this setting on its own. Is there anything special about your system, e.g. any third-party add-ons/extensions which might cause troubles or patch the system’s behaviour?

I am using Little Snitch (LS) to block some connections. I verified that Devontechnologies is not blocked.

Oddly, the LS network monitor shows that /usr/libexec/timed speaks regularly to time-macos.apple.com in the UK. Puzzling, but I doubt that’s connected DT3.

I’ll continue to watch for clues that may turn up. I don’t get the feeling anyone else is experiencing this oddity, so I may sit tight and see if the next release solves the problem.

It’s indeed the only report so far.

That does makes me think the problem is caused by my configuration somehow.

Just to document my current state, I’ll just note that it is a daily occurance, the clock difference is always 7 hours forward, and that the condition is always cleared by restarting DT3. Likewise, this never happens (happened) with DT2.

Definitely weird. Especially as both version 2 and version 3 use the same date handling (it’s basically the same database) and the same date formatting.