DT3 Underline color

Using DT 3… Is there a way to change the default underline color when annotating a PDF? I’d like to set it to red, so that whenever I highlight text and hit Command-U, I see a red underline instead of a black one.

I see that I can change the color of the highlight very easily. I’d like the same for the underline feature.

I also noticed that if I change the color of text for the text annotation it remembers it but the underlining never remembers the color; it always reverts to black.

I’d settle for a script that would take all underlines and convert to red if that is possible. I’d like to differentiate between my markups and the underlined text in a PDF. Highlights are too in my face. I think a red or blue underline works best for me or some other color I can set.

The request is noted, but no this can’t be accomplished via AppleScript.

Highlights are too in my face.

PS: You know you can change the color of highlights in Preferences > Colors, yeah?

I meant it is too intrusive even with changing the color. I just like the aesthetics of the underline.

I think there is a bug with changing the highlight colors. I changed the “yellow” color in the settings. The yellow was previously selected so when I went to select text and highlight again, it was the original yellow. I had to re-select the yellow from the menu for it to engage and display the correct “yellow” the next time I selected text and highlighted it.

Which menu are you referring to? Format > Highlight Color updated as expected.

Currently the Highlight Color for yellow is set to an pinkish color. (For illustration purposes)

Now I set it to a lime green in the settings.

I select the text, go to the Format > Highlight Color menu item to see if the color is correct. But I don’t re-select the color.

With the text highlighted, I press Shift-Command-L, and the original color is used not the one I changed to.

It seems like I need to re-select the color on the Format > Highlight menu before using it, even though the menu is showing the new color correctly selected.

Please check this out when the next public beta becomes available. I am not seeing the issue in the internal beta I’m running.

Just a +1 from my side with regards to the original feature request: I would love to be able to change the underlining color just as dynamically as the highlighting color – so not just changing the default color but also having a color set to choose from. I understand that this is a feature not even every pdf app in the market provides – but a lot of them do and it seems relatively easy to implement, so I figured I might as well ask.

DTTG already has the feature.

(For context, my workflow: I always use underlining & highlighting colors in sync so that every color means something (positive/noteworthy, bad, severely bad, did not understand, etc.) and use highlighting for important things and underlining for minor things. This helps with finding the most important highlights when in time trouble.)