DT3 version 3.6.2 update

Hey - congratulations on the new version!

I mean the icon! :laughing:

I can’t believe you weren’t already using CloudKit. (I always wondered what was meant by those cryptic “two-stage” sync references…) So! That’ll be better … until Apple starts the throttle game.

But … why no better widescreen list view ?? Aaargh! Sigh. :neutral_face:

Oh well. I’ll keep the faith … It’ll happen one day … won’t it? :confused:

This is just a minor maintenance release, not a feature update.

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What is this cryptic “better widescreen list view” you’re referring to?

yeah yeah yeah :wink:

Really - I’m keeping the faith :innocent:

No really… I don’t have any idea what a “better widescreen list view” means.

“Ah yes, just a little, minor release I coded last night when I had nothing else to do…” (walks off whistling a tune)

This suggestion, amongst others. To me, it’s a glaring omission. I use DT3 every day, and I just think - why? But, maybe a light bulb will go on one day. Maybe… :confused:

Saw that one of my requests came through though. Thanks!

FYI: There is a typo in the help document>Media in the section about Style Sheets, the path is incorrect. It shows:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink3/StyleSheets

When it should be:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/StyleSheets

And I was using an x-DEVONthink link to link to my Style Sheet, which works locally, but for the stylesheet to work on the web, must follow the instructions in the Help.

In DT 3.6.1 I had been getting numerous connection errors during webdav syncing regardless of cloud storage service.
Immediately upon updating to 3.6.2, this stopped immediately.
Thank you for whatever has changed with this version!

We are always improving our apps, so this is good to hear. Thanks :slight_smile: