DT3: Working with sheets - a few issues and features

Some more comments on sheets.

  1. Could a search field be added to allow searching on records to find all occurances in the sheet?

  2. Can we sync positions in the sheet between the table and form views? I would like to put my cursor in a row in the table view and then switch to form view and to edit that record.

  3. This goes with number 2 above. Currently the form view seems to remember the position it was in the last time I was in that view, but when I switch back to the table view it always goes back to the top of the table. With a large sheet that makes it very difficult to switch back and forth between views. I think switching back to table view should come back with the row highlighted that was just being viewed/edited in the form view.

  4. Can’t undo a record change. Change a value in a record, duplicate a record, etc, and can’t undo the change.

  5. In Table view, clicking on a column header immediatley changes the sort, Can it be changed so that clicking on the column header, the column is highlighted only and then require a click on the arrow to change the sort?

A Help Doc issue on the Sheets help page:


There are a few sheet-specific items in the navigation bar. In Best Alternative mode, the number of records in the sheet is displayed. In addition, there are options to go to the first, previous, next, or last records. In Text Alternative mode, it displays the current record and the total number of records in the sheet. Clicking on this information opens a Go to record function so you can quickly jump to a specific record.

The text In addition, there are options to go to the first, previous, next, or last records. That applies to Text Alternative mode, not Best Alternative mode.

In Text Alternative , there is one more option in the editing bar: Delete Selected Column allows you to delete a column. Just click on the column header you want to delete, then this option is enabled.

This is actually available in Best Alternative view.

Would be nice if those views could be named table and form view instead of Best and Text alternative views…

Thanks for the suggestions! This is already possible via the Search inspector (supports also replacing).

Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed the Search inspector! Works great.

Another Sheets issue:

Changing the width of a column does not hold between views. The column always seems to expand to show the longest entry.

Beta 4 will improve this.