DT3b2: changes to smart rule after saving it?

As I’m a new user (since just before the first DT3 beta was released) I’m probably doing something stupid but the following has me very puzzled.

I create the following smart rule (with certain details blurred to protect the innocent):


I then save the smart rule and when I edit it it’s changed to this:


Is anyone able to explain what is happening, or what I am doing wrong, please?


Kind is a singular value and it can only be specified once. This is and always has been the case. DEVONthink 3 is just taking your construction - which isn’t allowable in the configuration you created - and putting it into a configuration that works by changing the other Kinds to subcriteria.

PS: In DEVONthink 2, the other criteria were merely discarded.

Ah, sorry I didn’t realise that. I may have to work around that by using smart groups.


I may have to work around that by using smart groups.

I’m not sure what you mean here. The smart group you created is allowing for multiple kinds in the smart rule. The software just modified your construction for proper construction.

I was creating a smart rule rather than a smart group…and when I tested it previously (in its saved, amended form) it didn’t seem to work when multiple items were added at the same time to the global inbox. I’ll try again and see what it does. Thanks for the help.


it didn’t seem to work when multiple items were added at the same time to the global inbox

By what means were they added?

Dragged and dropped in Finder to the global inbox. The rule as saved seems to get individual items as far as the JL folder in the JL database but then fails to “Classify”. If I highlight the item “Classify” is greyed out on the Data menu—which makes me think there’s something fundamental about “Classify” I have not understood (in spite of having read the excellent help file).


Sorry, I see the Classify command is greyed out if DT is not sure enough about possible destinations. That seems to trip up DT when I have only three folders in one database—one for images, one for videos and one for audio. How do I educate DT? :slight_smile:


The AI needs more information than it has. As you work with it, filing things as they make sense to you, the AI is trained and can make suggestions.

Thanks for all the help and sorry to take so much of your time with this particular issue. I’ll continue working with the app—which, incidentally, I much appreciate, together with the support given on this forum.


No worries and no wasted time. It’s why we’re here.

Thanks for the kind words!
We are very fortunate to have a robust and passionate group of users actively asking questions, having good discussions, helping each other, and even (politely) disagreeing with one another.

So on behalf of all of us in here, a thanks from us to you et al for participating in our work! :slight_smile: