DT3b2 Inspector - digit-jumping using cursor control keys

In inspector I jump to the created date using the tab key. Say the current day of creation is 15 - and I want it to be 13. I do this by pressing the “down” cursor control key (arrow) on my keyboard twice. If I do this slowly, the number correctly goes 15 - :arrow_down: 14 - :arrow_down: 13. If, however, I press the down key quickly, the following happens: 15 - :arrow_down: 14 - :arrow_down: 13 - 14. So the number jumps back one without any further input. This is completely reproducible, and happens on all the date and time components in the inspector, both going up and going down.

Thanks for the report! Confirmed. Development will have to look into this.

Beta 3 will fix this.

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fixed in b3! Thanks :slight_smile:

…but broke something: in the inspector, in a date field do the following: change the first entry (e.g. the day or the hour) by typing the required digits, now tab to the next entry (e.g. the month or the minute), change that by typing the required digits, tab out to the next entry. If the both steps are performed quickly (normal typing speed with no pauses), the second entry will revert back to what it was before being changed.

Beta 4 should improve this.

It has not; the problem still occurs in beta 4.

Let me change that: the problem has changed; my list is sorted by date of creation. In inspector I change the date of creation, leading to the document being moved in the list. That move occurs as soon as I have entered the day and month; if I start entering the year as the document is moving, my entry for the year reverts back to what it was.

Beta 5 should definitely fix this.

ooooh Beta 5 I loooooove you - no more jumpy digits :slight_smile: thanks guys!

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