DT3b2 unexpected behaviour following search

I feel this is a bug, but there may be a legitimate reason for the behaviour:

I have a database open, navigate/list/widescreen configuration. A group is open, the list pane displays the contents of that group. In search, I enter a search term; documents fulfilling that term are displayed in the list view. I now change to a different group or to the inbox, leaving the search term in place in the search panel. If I now remove the search term from the search panel by clicking the :heavy_multiplication_x: at the right hand side of the search panel, then DT jumps back to the group which was active when the search term was first entered.

For me that is unexpected behaviour and has never been where I wanted to go (what is far more common is that I search, find what I want, change to another group to do something else, remember that I still have an active search term, clear it, find myself back in the previous group, have to re-select the group I actually wanted to go to…). Is it a bug?

I too noticed this. It seemed like a change from previous behavior but I wasn’t sure.

I find it unexpected that DT changed groups when ending the search, and I’d prefer it didn’t do that.

Selecting a different group while the search has the focus just changes the scope currently, closing the search restores the former state. Depending on feedback this might be revised.

Thanks; that makes sense - I could imagine this being split across users. Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

I understand that too many options in DT preference may confuse users (including me…).
But it seems that offering option makes sense in this case?
(Default) The current way: restore current view to initial scope when search is cancel.
(Option) Switch current view to the last chosen scope as shown on the search bar, except for “All Databases”? If “All databases” is chosen then fall back to default?