DT3b3 Annotations - Disambiguation

There are multiple conversations about “annotations”. I’m creating this post to help clarify which “annotations” these conversations refer to, as well as point out the locations of these features. Please see the individual threads for discussion of specific issues.

  1. PDF Annotation: this feature is described on page 101 of the DT3 user manual. Within the Document inspector view (document icon) there is a subview called Annotations, which reveals highlights and comments already made to a PDF document (these can be from an external editor like Adobe Acrobat).

  1. Annotations > New From Template : this feature is described on page 97 of the DT3 user manual. Within the Reminders, Finder Comments, Annotations inspector view (the icon is a callout box) there is a subfield called Annotations. Clicking on the inverted triangle will reveal a submenu where you can start an annotation.

2-1) This is the new and preferred solution to what was previously the Annotation template (in DT2: Data > New from Template). I say preferred, because while it is possible to import the Annotation template file from DT2 into DT3, there may be some issues with formatting and links in the Reminders, Finder Comments, Annotations view.

2-2) It might be observed that within this Annotations subfield and submenu the utility of what was formerly just the Annotation template has increased dramatically. However, it might require some tweaks and changes to your preexisting workflows from DT2.

Please feel free to add comments or links to relevant conversations. This post is not meant to replace those individual discussions, just help us find what “Annotations” information we’re looking for.

Thanks for this, I’m just getting to know annotations and was wondering what was the diff between the old(DT2) and the new annotation. Thanks for clarifying.

et al:

Generally speaking, we use annotation to mean highlighting, etc. in PDFs and annotation file to mean the separate files created in the Annotations & Reminders inspector.

Perhaps we need to be more clear or revise our terminology.