DT3b3: Occasional sluggishness when viewing pdf with annotations & reminders bar turned on

When scrolling down a list of 300 index pdf files of which all have linked annotation note, spinning beach ball appears for a few seconds for every 5 to 6 files when “annotations & reminders” bar is turned on (Ctrl-3). No sluggishness when other views of inspector bar are used. It seems that DT3 occasionally needs to load the most recent linked annotation file on-demand into the pane. This is not a big deal - just to report.

More Info: the annotation notes are carried over from DT2, use URL to link with the pdf files, rtf with image attached, size range from 100 KB to 2MB.

Could you send some example PDF documents causing this to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thank you!

The behaviour is sort of random, but I’ll keep an eye on whether the spinning beach balls always occur on some specific pdf or annotation files. I guess there must be some sort of cache in DT3 to holding the most recent activities and perhaps the sluggishness will improve/disappear the more frequent I visit the same items/search results…

The inspectors don’t cache any information, therefore the performance should be usually always the same. And in case of the Document > Annotations inspector the annotations of each page of the PDF document are loaded.

I just tested once more by scrolling down the list of index pdf files (all with attached annotation notes) with annotation pane on and using key down one by one and the occurrences have reduce to around one-in-twenty… Perhaps the issue will go away given some time.
AND, the sluggishness disappears if I go down a few files more and going back up to the same file that gives me the spinning beachball.
(I’ve 32G RAM and SSD drive and have only basic apps opened, so shouldn’t be hardware related)

If you should be able to reproduce a freeze for several seconds, then a sample would be great. Just launch Apple’s Activity Monitor application (see Applications > Utilities), choose the sluggish/frozen DEVONthink 3 in the list of processes, select the menu item View > Sample Process and send us the result? Thanks in advance!

I get the same just when saving a change to a PDF (e.g. a highlight). I can send you the Sample Process if you like?

How large is the PDF document (bytes/pages)?

58.9 mbs - searchable PDF of 251 pages. The spinning beachball lasts for 15-20 seconds

Most likely caused by macOS’ PDFkit framework and the delay should be identical to version 2. But a sample would be useful nonetheless.