DT3b3 - Waiting for next OCR

I have ScanSnap Home set to send scans directly to DT3; DT3 is set to OCR scans on import and then enter metadata.

I scan several documents, all of which are sent to DT3 correctly; DT3 performs OCR on the first file, and then opens a window for me to enter metadata. The info area shows “Page 1 of 1: Exporting” for this document and “Adding document…” for all queued documents. OCR does not commence on these documents until I have entered the metadata for the current document, meaning that for complex documents there is a delay before I can enter the metadata for the next document.

Would it not be possible for DT3 to continue OCR, and pass the file to a “metadata-queue?” rather than stopping all work and waiting for me?

Thanks for your feedback, this and additional improvements will be included in future updates.

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Cool :slight_smile: thanks for that!

I’ve also noticed DT3 does not seem to be able to make coffee or turn lead into gold. Just wondering.

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:rofl: It is all in the pipeline



Aaaaand it’s done - DT 3.0.4 offers this functionality :heart: