DT3b4 Cloudy folder inside DEVONthink 3 folder using 50 GB

Just running a “file usage” tool I find that the folder Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Cloudy/Downloads contains a big folder in UIID format containing about 50GB…

Could that be correct? Can be safely deleted?

Thanks in advance.

It’s just a cache (and usually cleaned after downloading & committing complete receipts), therefore deleting it is safe.

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Thanks. I will delete.

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what’s the current state? We have 2022 and I have to clean it up by hand, cause my drive ran out of space… I know, my fault, my drive (1TB) is too small. In fact, it IS too small for my home drive :wink: … But I don’t have the money to spend for a new 8 TB SSD that will cost about 2.300 euro again…
I thought when I have my DB on the external drive, it’s ok…

first: thanks for the info :slight_smile: !
if it’s safe to delete, I can make a hazel rule to delete everything that is older than 1 week (my dt is never offline, so it should be up2date - at least the next day).

iCloud can download any of the sync data to your machine / devices as it sees fit and this often causes such a space issue.