DT3B4: Highlight and displayed file mismatch

Do the following: in the inbox, select a file from a list; the file will now be displayed in the preview. Now search for a different file (which is not in the inbox). From the search results, select the file - it will now be displayed in preview. Now leave the search by pressing the x next to the search term. The view will revert back to the list of files in the inbox. The previously highlighted file in the inbox is still highlighted but preview shows the document which was selected from search; I feel this is counter-intuitive and that preview should always show the highlighted file.

Thanks for the feedback! While this might be counter-intuitive, an advantage is that you can continue to work with the found & displayed document without having to reveal it.

Criss, even after several days of thinking about this and playing about, I still feel that the file previously highlighted should not retain the highlight when a different file is being shown. I understand the logic of being able to work on the “found” document without revealing it, but at the same time, a different file should never be highlighted. Otherwise it is impossible to know which file inspector will take action on.

Under the specific conditions described in my original post, can the highlight in the list be dropped? That would actually also make it easier to get back to the document originally being displayed. Currently I have to click a different document to switch away from the “found” document and then back to the original document. Clicking directly on the original document doesn’t cause it to display in preview, but instead allows me to edit the name of the document (because it is already highlighted). That really cannot be intended behaviour.

The next release will improve this.