DT3b4 reproducible crash

DT3 in full-screen mode, configured to show - from left to right - sidebar, list, preview, inspector pane showing the “See Also & Classify” pane.

I have a number of documents in the inbox of a database. In the sidebar, I navigate to Globals, and select the appropriate inbox. The documents in that inbox appear in the list view. I select a document by highlighting it (“clicking” on it). I now press shift-command-I to open the inspector window. Here I enter data in to following fields: Name, Created (I change the date), Tags. I now press shift-command-I again; this way the tags are attached to the document. I now press control-c to move the document to the group suggested in the classify panel. This reliably crashes DT3b4.

DT3b4 does not crash if I do not press shift-command-I a second time, but instead attach the tags to the document using enter. Also, following a crash, all changes are retained and I can classify the document using control-c.

Could you please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thank you.

I’m OOO - but will do so on tomorrow. When I choose Help > Report Bug is something supposed to happen? I did try doing so before I posted the bug here, but it wasn’t obvious that anything had happened. @BLUEFROG Is this a further case of no news is good news…? :innocent:

Haha! Nope. What’s your default email app?

(Apple) Mail; so from your question I guess a new message should have opened. I’ll restart tomorrow and see what happens :wink:

Yes. A new draft email containing logs, etc. should be started. Cheers!

I hate to be a pain, but other than mail being moved into the foreground, nothing happens when I select “Report Bug”; no new message is opened.

Assuming a crash report has been created during the crash, where would it be (so I can attach it to a mail manually)?

Ah, classic I/O error… in macOS under Security & Privacy DT3 was not given permission to control Mail; and as such could not initiate a mail… @cgrunenberg I’ve sent you the crash log now.

Beta 5 will fix this.

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