DT3b7 : Tooltips


IMHO there should really be a tooltip when hovering over these blue group icons. When DT is occupying half of the horizontal width of a 27" iMac, and assuming you’ve scrolled around in the left sidebar, you can’t see the name of the group you’re in.



Which version of macOS do you use? Could you please post a screenshot of the full path bar (or full window)? Thanks!

While testing this for you I’ve noticed that the icons only minimize when the item name is long and when the item is selected. In an almost empty group like the one in the screenshots you can just click below it but when you have a screen full of items it’s more difficult.

I’m on Mojave 10.14.5.


Also, notice the hiding the Inspectors expands the path bar.

Indeed it does. But IMHO it’s safe to assume that any person who has used a Mac for some time would expect a tooltip when confronted with this :slight_smile:


I don’t know what people would expect - and many people despise tooltips (which I find odd, but to each his own) - but a tooltip seems reasonable to me. (And yes, I don’t mind them. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m not a big fan of tooltips myself, I’ve just grown used to how they’re used in most Mac applications. And when I noticed I couldn’t see the name of the group I was looking at, years of muscle memory have led my mouse pointer on top of the icon…

EDIT: As you can see, the three blue icons aren’t doing much… at least from a user’s perspective (again, this is at half the horizontal width of a 27" 5K screen with both sidebars almost at their minimum width).

Since this only happens when a single item is selected, I wonder if the UI should bother displaying the item name (which the user has selected anyway) and cramming everything into one line. I may be wrong but the item name seems to be superfluous in this scenario.

The additional info could IMHO be completely removed, this dates back to version 1 and I’m not sure whether someone still needs this.

Well, it’s nice to know how many items there are in total and how many are selected so I don’t think the info line is useless. Also, where would the back/forward and icons/list/columns go? But I do think that with one item selected it could just show what it shows with many items selected (e.g. 64 items, 1 selected).

As much as I like seeing the name and info at a glance, I think the space for where you are in a database perhaps is more important.


  • The name is visible in the selection.
  • Properties are available in the Info inspector and Info popup or columns in list views

That’s exactly what I tried to suggest but failed :slight_smile:

Or in icon/columns views showing details.

Indeed :slight_smile:

Of course, IMHO removing the additional info — although a welcome step — would only postpone the tooltip problem. Sooner or later you’ll have someone with a 10 subgroup hierarchy and icons showing nothing but ellipses that’ll come back here and ask for the same thing (that won’t be me, I find deep hierarchies confusing) :slight_smile:

Also, some people like to use very long names for groups too, so you’d run into the issue with that as well. However, I personally think utilizing more of the space for the path bar would not be a bad idea.

The next release will add tooltips and simplify the info.

Great. Thank you!