DT3beta4 - columns widths autosize

Would it be possible for column widths to auto-size according to the width of an entry in custom metadata? So that c/ws in a saved workspace wouldn’t need manually adjusting?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.

Big massive +1 from me.

Just moved across to DT3 upon launch. It’s fabulous. But I would love love love for my columns to auto-adjust to the longest file name in any given folder (or for that to be a tickbox option), since I forever need to do this manually. It’s particularly useful for my (admittedly individual and probably idiosyncratic) set up: running the main DT window on a right-hand monitor that’s vertically orientated, and so horizontal screen size is at a premium). I know know, just swap the monitor back… still – I would love this feature.


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Columns of columns view or of list view? In case of columns view columns can be automatically resized by double-clicking on the separator.

Thanks! Columns View, actually. I know I can double click but do so endlessly, since they are often very narrow or very wide. I once used an app called XtraFinder, which had an option where the columns automatically adjusted upon opening. I think PathFinder offer the same functionality. It’s only a small thing I know…

You’re probably already aware of this but you can also resize all columns at once by moving a separator while pressing the Alt modifier key.

I also would like the name column to be prioritized (auto re-sized) for viewing. I move my Mac to different monitors so I’m constantly needing to manually resize the name column.

Is the name column size exposed to AppleScript?

Is the “maximum” size, when double clicking the separator, exposed to AppleScript?

If so, at least I could set up a hot key on an AppleScript to quickly resize the name column.

I’m not sure if it’s possible via user interface scripting but at least DEVONthink’s script suite doesn’t support this.

Column view would be a nice alternative view in DT3, but constantly having to expand the column sizes makes it too tedious to use. Even in the Finder, this can quickly become a chore. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons I use Pathfinder, as the auto-sizing columns makes navigating in column mode very nice.

I would be also happy to see this auto-resize feature because it becomes exhausting resizing the columns and lists every time I change monitor.