DT3Pro Beta1 - Maps and associated items behave unexpectedly

Checked out the Locations sidebar, when I clicked on a pin, it showed an item in the database then when I clicked on the item, the entire database loaded in the first pane in a visually jumpy manner, forcing me to scan down and locate the item.

  • Load DT3Pro
  • Click on the Pin icon bottom left corner of window
  • a small map pops up with associated pins.
  • choose one pin and click on it.
  • A little flying tag pops out of the pin with the name of the item in question, rather nice
  • The first pane shows the group that the item is in, it is the only thing listed in the first pane.
  • Click on the group disclosure triangle.
  • The only thing displayed is the item in question, no other elements in the group are shown.
  • Click on the item in question.
  • The contents briefly flash in the second pane, then it blanks.
  • The entire listing of the database appears in the first pane, the item in question in a disclosed group appears further down.

I’d expected the pin to function as a filter, the first few steps gave every indication as such. But it appears it’s a pointer to a location, which the second set of steps displays.

I’m fine with either, but I’d like it to be clearly one or the other. If when I clicked on it, the full listing of the database with the group opened up in the first pane and the item in question highlighted in some way. That would be good.

Which view did you use and which content did you select?

The Preview called Widescreen.
I clicked on the named item (it was an RTF file)

Can be seen here.

That’s definitely not the intended behaviour but I’ve never seen this before and can’t reproduce this. Are you able to reproduce this using a new test database or a clean, second macOS user account?

dInteresting. It didn’t happen on two other databases. In both instances, clicking on the PDF or RTF file worked as you might expect, a full preview in the second pane.