DTG freezes on sync

When I open DTG on my iPad Pro, it responds intermittently and often freezes for many seconds while it is syncing. This is recent behaviour; it always used to respond speedily and didn’t freeze. I’m only syncing one database and the global inbox. Sync is by WebDAV to a local Synology NAS. I’m not having any problems with other apps and devices on the network; in fact, DTG on my iPhone 13 Pro - with the same settings - responds quickly.

Has anyone any suggestions about what the problem might be?

Does it freeze before sync, or just shows Verifying, or it freezes during the sync like regularly every n synced items?

It freezes during sync, but I wouldn’t say it’s regular. In most cases there are only a few items that have changed or been added… but I’ve just had a thought. I’ve got a few rules on my iMac that run every hour and do things like change labels depending on the type. I haven’t restricted the rule to only changing the label if it isn’t already correct, so is it possible that these rules are causing the sync to sync items that don’t need to be synced?

I’ll change them and see if that makes a difference.

It might be that there is a lot of metadata to be updated in a sync. You should see the number of changed items during the Synchronizing… phase.

I’ve changed the rules on the Mac so that they only update the label if it needs to be updated, but sync still takes a long time when I open DTG. I can’t see the number of changed items because the message about synchronizing stretches off the database panel. Is there anywhere else I can get this information?

because the message about synchronizing stretches off the database panel.

Can you post a screen capture of this?

I’ve changed the iPad to Bonjour for sync, and during the initial sync, I could see which items were being synced by pressing the cloud icon. When using WebDAV, this panel showed no items being synced (or very few flashing up before I could read the message), which is what I would expect based on the small number of items changed in the database on the Mac). So it looks like the syncing of changed items was not causing the delay. Could the verifying and other processes carried out before any syncing cause the delay with WebDAV? And why would this delay be less with the iPhone - faster processor maybe?

Are you trying to sync via WebDAV while on or outside your network?

On the local network.