DTG Sync via WebDav


I am DTG user, and I have personal cloud drive(Synology).

I notice that if I chose sync via webdav, DTG will show a error. I am sure I fill out all right about sync settings.

So, any guys can tell me how can I sync DTG database via Synology(Webdav)?


Which error is actually shown?


It shows “The operation couldn’t be completed. (DDXMLErroeDomain erreo 1.)”

Can you mount the WebDAV volume of the Synology in the Finder?

Hey friend,

I keep using Synology and nearly access all my files in Finder via Synology. So I think Synology itself not has problem.

But I not purchase Devonthink Mac version yet, just iOS version.

If anyone can sync database via Synology both Mac and ios. Perhaps sth setting wrong for me about DTG Sync.

To check whether the WebDAV setup of the Synology is correct & running it would be a straightforward test to try to mount the Synology via WebDAV (by default the Finder uses AFP, SMB etc.).

Just enter the address you’re using for DEVONthink To Go’s synchronization in Go > Connect To Server… in the Finder.