DTO and Mail Tags

I am using this program called mail Tags.
Any way, it uses keywords which are basically tags in DTO. It is a feature that the author states is made to work in DTO. In other words when you use DTO to import apple mail, the associated keyword(tag) that Mail tags assigned to that email goes with it into DTO and DTO makes a new tag. I really don’t like this. I want the programs mutually exclusive of one another when it comes to tags. I asked the author how to turn it off and he was not helpful. When these emails comes over they go into the new tag that Mail Tags asigns. So can I select and delete the tags from all these emails in one step. Then I can file the emails into my groups and delete the tag?

Sorry to ramble on but it is really a pain in the butt to deal with tags coming from another app I don’t want to happen.
Kim Marietta

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Yes, you can safely select and delete the tag group(s) assigned by MailTags if you don’t want them assigned to your emails in DEVONthink. As a tip, if you primarily use a set of tags in MailTags that you do not want to use in DEVONthink, you could streamline the process by assigning aliases to a tag and then delete all the tagged documents from the tag group. This works especially well if there are some MailTags tags that you want to use in DEVONthink. As example, suppose you use the following tags in Mail with MailTags:


From this list, you never want the first 3 tags in DEVONthink but you would like all imported emails tagged with ‘MailTagsTagD’ to retain that tag. Create a tag in DEVONthink and name it ‘MailTags’ or whatever is convenient to you. Show the info for this tag and assign all the unwanted MailTag tags to this master tag as an alias. Then as emails are imported with these tags, they will all be assigned the master tag rather than the individual tags. MailTag tags that have not been assigned as an alias to the master tag will retain the tag in DEVONthink.

Note that if you try this, you will need to select all the emails contained in the master tag group and delete them from there. If you delete the master ‘MailTags’ tag, you will lose all the alias information and they will not automate the process in the future. Lock the tag as a safeguard to keep it from being deleted.

As another tip, name your master tag ‘email’ and assign the aliases to it, and you will not need to delete anything. All your imported emails will be tagged with an ‘email’ tag, and all MailTag tags set up as an alias will have the tags converted to ‘email’. Add new aliases to the ‘email’ tag as you add to your tags in MailTags.