DTP 2.0pb3 – UI slip: ".dtBase2" extensions in sidebar

I searched around the forums, but wasn’t able to find this topic anywere, so perhaps I’m the first one to notice?

In the new sidebar of DT 2.0 (a very nice way to handle multiple databases, by the way), the open databases are written as the filenames without the “.dtBase2” extension, which looks nice. Recent databases and favourites, however, include the file extension and quite frankly it looks pretty ugly. I don’t see that there should be any need for displaying the extension, as DT 1.x files need to be converted to the new format to be used in DT 2.0

DT2 is a great app, but this minor UI slip just hurts my eyes.


The display is identical to File > Recent Databases. Just disable the file extension via the Finder.

Is there a way (or 3rd party utility) that will batch disable the file extensions?

Is there a way for DTPO v2 to not append the extension by default?



One way is to select multiple files with extensions in Finder, run Files > Get Summary Info (Control-Command-I), and check the “Hide extension” checkbox under the Name & Extension section. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you want to do. :slight_smile:

Not directly that I know of. Probably using a Folder Action script that hides extensions when you create DT database packages in monitored folders, or something similar using a third party app like Hazel. Or maybe there’s some Always Hide Extensions setting I’m unaware of that would apply to DT db packages and other files/folders, too.

Hi guys, I would argue that displaying the database file extension in the sidebar of Devonthink, would almost be the equivalent of displaying .mbox behind each mailbox in Mail. Which, at least in my copy of Mail, isn’t happening :slight_smile:

I don’t see the point of displaying the extension in a place where only databases is displayed? It’s not like I need to see the extension to be reminded it is a database :slight_smile: And also, the extension itself pretty long and cumbersome and adds 10 characters extra needed to make the sidebar readable, but it also makes the sidebar ugly and noisy.

My 2 cents of a very irrelevant detail, I’m much more eager to get tags working :slight_smile:)))

Neither do I, twice.

I abhor filename extensions, or at least them being displayed. They look regressively fugly, IMO.

Though at least hiding the .dtBase2 extensions (e.g. using Finder’s Get Info or the SetFile(1) command) does hide those 8 characters (by my count :slight_smile:) in DTP’s sidebar.

Thankfully the .scpt extensions of ~/Library/PDF Services/Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro* scripts are hidden by default in DTP 2. Would be desirable to me to do the same with .dtBase2 extensions.

It doesn’t seem very irrelevant considering how much attention it’s gotten. :slight_smile: