DTP 3.6.3 - RSS feed update

After adding a RSS feed, DTP sometimes retrieve the full list, and sometimes one or zero article, in the meantime, using Reeder always return back with 25 articles for each feed (which I don’t know where to configure either). Is there a place in DTP to configure this RSS feed setting, and why the retrival inconsistence from feed to feed? thanks.

No, there is no such option in DEVONthink.

Reeder, being a bespoke RSS application, may be doing something differently than DEVONthink. However, having a URL to test could be helpful.

  1. http://www.macdrifter.com/feeds/all.atom.xml
  2. https://www.ft.com/emiko-terazono?format=rss
  3. https://feeds.twit.tv/twit.xml

The first feed returns no article, the 2nd feed returns one article, and the third feed returns nothing at the beginning then suddenly returns 10 latest episodes after a couple hours.

I compare the feed link from original to the one DTP interprets, it seems different, e.g.

Original: http://www.macdrifter.com/feeds/all.atom.xml
DTP: http://www.macdrifter.com/feeds/ (which is a forbidden link)

Original: https://www.ft.com/emiko-terazono?format=rss
DTP: https://www.ft.com/emiko-terazono?

I am not sure if this is the problem, hope this could be resolved or fixed.

Are you using Data> New > Feed and pasting the feed URL in?

Yes, I was using Data> New > Feed to add feed one by one.

  • I have recently upgrade to DTP 3.7.2, and now DTP seems ignore any change in user customized rss stylesheet, switch different stylesheet works ok, but your changes won’t reflect.

  • As mentioned earlier, it is possible to have a fixed number when retrieving RSS feed, e.g. latest 25 items?

Following up latest RSS feeds in Devonthink has some advantages using its search, tag and archive abilities, and conveniently link/embed to other database items. Currently I use Reeder for RSS feeds collection and read, and clip interested articles into Devonthink which feels not ideal.

I’d like to follow my prioritized feeds in Devonthink, including some podcasts, but have a couple of issues like the above two. RSS and Podcast apps work for general purpose, and in Devonthink I can do more with interested topics’ materials.

Does emptying the cache or restarting the app fix this?

This isn’t possible currently, most feeds actually contain even fewer items. Do you have an example?

  • Restart Devonthink twice and empty cache in between, it won’t change. It worked properly in previous version, so I assume this is new issue in this new version.

  • For most of the newly added RSS feeds, Devonthink retrieve zero item until the feeds’ next update(s), and Reeder or Netnewswire will retrieve at least 10 or more recent items

RSS feed would make a perfect component within Devonthink once it gets a few more enhancements, of course this is my feeling only.

This might depend on Preferences > RSS, e.g. DEVONthink doesn’t add items which are too old.

I just add 2 new podcast feeds in Devonthink, which happen to have new updates in the last hours. Devonthink will retrieve the latest update ok, but strange further, the stylesheet works for the new feeds auto-switch to “Default”, while the other feeds’ items display in my customized stylesheet (though changes still won’t work), also the difference in term of downloadable item.

The inconsistency make you wonder whether RSS local behavior only defined at user end

A screenshot of Preferences > RSS and the URL of the feed would be useful.

Thank you for the hint (Preference> RSS), where I tried to set “Feed Format” to “Web Archive” when I was frustrated at the Stylesheet issue, after I change it back to “Automatic”, the RSS feed display stay the same now, thank you.

Only the stylesheet issue remains - my modification won’t apply to RSS feed display.

A screenshot of the Preferences plus a copy of the stylesheet would be still useful.

Guess it is my problem that it worked earlier but doesn’t work now, and after some experiment I will stay with the “Default” stylesheet for now.


I wonder whether a screenshot of the Preferences might be useful…

Getting more familiar with stylesheet and rss in Devonthink, and now I have a customized stylesheet that I feel satisfied with, and I guess Devonthink retrieve RSS feed only updated in the last 12/24 hours.

One more question, I’d like to auto-download podcast files (mp3/m4a) when RSS feed update, and I can’t seem to find “Add to Download list” when draft a smart rule, any suggestion? Thanks!

See action Execute Script > External of smart rules.

Thank you @cgrunenberg , I find the “Downloads - Add Podcasts” at Execute Script > External, it works and download extra files other than the mp3 in parallel. Is it possible to modify it to download only mp3/m4a links of the podcast episode? then rename it to the episode title and move it to the predefined subgroup?

Still don’t know how to script yet

This would require a completely different script which downloads the podcasts on its own as the results of the download manager can’t be scripted.

Sorry to bother your discussion, but I’m thinking about using DT with RSS and I have a question about your workflow between DT and RSS.

• How do you transfer your RSS articles in Reeder to DT?

• Does Reeder has a feature that creates a specific RSS URL based in a folder or tag created by you in Reeder? This customizable URL is used in DT to create your personal feed?

Thanks for your time!