DTP 3.7 Markdown - Transclude Copy Section Link

Hey everyone

I have 2 Markdown documents. Document A and Document B. I’m trying to insert (transclude) a section (paragraph) of md text from one document to another md doc.

Document A

Header 1


Header 2


Document B

Header 1


Steps I tried

  1. I “Copy Section Link” of Header 2 and paragraph from Document A.

  2. Then I paste to document B using the syntax ![[pasted link]].

The result is the entire contents of Document A instead of just the section header 2 and paragraph.
I tried the same procedure using Item Link and got the same result, which is expected.

I thought Section Link in a md document refers to a section denoted below the header syntax?

Where did I go wrong in understanding this.

From the Manual
Copy Section Link. This copies a link to the current document, but appends a pointer to the selected paragraph.

Appreciate any help

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Tranclusion only supports full documents.
Development would have to assess the feasibility of supporting section links.

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The best solution is probably to create a new file with the section and then to transclude this file in both documents.

Thanks much… I was hoping to minimize my linked documents.

So just to be clear, both “Copy Item Link” and “Copy Section Link” produce the same result (Transclude the full document) in Markdown with syntax ![[document]]?


That’s right.

Bear in mind, the native transclusion syntax is {{document}}. You’re mentioning the Obsidian syntax.

Just a clarification for anyone reading this.

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I’m super happy with transclusion as it is. But if there’s a way to do this for sections within documents, that would be even cooler :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it!
I’ve been secretly bugging @cgrunenberg, asking if we could support it, since we switched to MultiMarkdown v6 quite some time ago. Then very recently, as I was whining, ahem… politely offering my suggestions again :stuck_out_tongue: , he suddenly said, “I have an idea…”, disappeared for a bit and boom! There you have it!

:tophat: :slight_smile:


I just came across the “Copy Section Link” feature, but was disappointed to discover granular section-level transclusion is still not supported.

If anyone’s counting, add another tally to this feature request, please.