DTP 3.8.3 - Capture webpages to Markdown... the Clutter-Free button is dim


Since the 3.8.3 update, when using the web clipper to capture a webpage as markdown, the “Clutter-Free” checkbox is dim. I’m able to capture the webpage as markdown, but it comes in with all the extra menu links etc.

Clutter-Free button works to capture Rich Text, Formatted Note, Web Archive,
and the 2 PDF options.

Using Brave browser Version 1.36.119 Chromium: 99.0.4844.83 on macOS 10.15.7.
No browser extensions are active. Tried clipping the webpage in Safari with the same results.

Appreciate any help.


The option never had any impact on Markdown clippings which are always clutter-free, therefore it’s now disabled.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s interesting, because I used it to get rid of all the ‘clutter’ (all pun intended) links that get captured. Usually I could see the difference in ‘Preview’.

Now with each capture I’ll have to go in and spend time deleting the side menu links and duplicated header images.
I could use a markdown browser extension to capture the webpage, then either copy / paste into DT or create a new md file and drop it in.

There’s always a workaround in case others see this. :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Take care

An URL to test this would be useful, thanks.


One of the URLs as requested and a screenshot.

That’s actually a glitch of the preview, captured Markdown is always clutter-free. The next release will fix this (and another issue related to this site).