DTP crash: show fonts


Whenever I press “show fonts” icon or press CMD+T, DTP quits unexpectedly. Any thoughts about this annoying behavior?



Don’t press “Show Fonts” ? :mrgreen:

  1. Actually, does this persist after a machine reboot?
  2. If it does persist, there’s a possibility you have a corrupt font on your system (but rooting it out may not be fun).
  3. Send the crash report to DEVON Support.

Sounds like a corrupt font to me also. Finding it may not be that difficult, at least that has been my experience. Open Font Book, select all fonts and File>Validate Fonts will usually identify any problems with installed fonts.

I’m used to dealing with Art and PrePress departments with a bazillion fonts from who knows where, so admittedly, my opinion is a little skewed. :smiley:

Did Validate fonts in FontBook. It reported 38 warnings. Removed the offending fonts, restated the machine. Same thing. :imp: Opened a ticket at the Tech Support.



Deleted all files form ~/Library/FontCollections/. Now everything is OK.