DTP creates folder "Backup" in home folder :-(

I ran the script Export > Daily Backup.

And ooops, it created a folder called “Backup” on the root level of my home folder. Hey I don’t like this. I have another place for things like that, and I’d like to be ASKED where I can store that.

Alright, I can just simply Export > Backup Archive… but why oh why can’t I decide myself where to store “daily” backups ? (see also my other post regarding the Backup Preference settings).

Maybe I’m missing something :unamused:


I use Backup Archive. I can designate the destination (including any mounted drive) and the archive is compressed and dated.

Plus the database is verified and optimized and the internal Backup is also updated.

If there’s so much advantage of “Backup Archive” why have “Daily Backup” additionally?

And what would be “Daily” about “Daily Backup” ?! Because “Backup Archive” could also be called “daily” if I do it every day myself :laughing:

Like many other scripts it’s more or less just an example demonstrating the possibilities of AppleScript.