DTP data visualization suggestion using Flow as a model

I recently discovered a very innovative program called Flow by Gridiron Software that is used for visually managing files associated with different applications. It is mainly targeted at design projects using Adobe products and Apple pro apps such as Motion and Final Cut Pro. It is very innovative. Upon seeing the demo it occurred to me that a similar visualization capability would be very useful in DTP. Essentially, it would be a visual representation of the See Also and Classify feature for seeing related files and suggested folders for categorization in DTP.

I know that DevonAgent has a similar feature but having something like what Flow does in DTP would be a real benefit to users of the program. By visually seeing the flow of connections between similar files in the database, users can quickly start to see how information is connected and jump into different files located within the database for further exploration. This might be a better approach than the list of results that is currently used.

Just a suggestion, but it might be a great new feature and further establish DTP as a unique information management and organization tool.

Flow is not to be confused with the nice FTP Mac app also called Flow.

gridironsoftware.com/product … tures.html