DTP: is it possible to read metadata for flac files?

I indexed my large music archive with DTP.

I wonder why, for ‘mp3’ files, I can read the metadata in the fields of the columns (Album name and Duration, for example) but I can’t do the same for ‘flac’ files: the fields in the columns are empty. There are data only in ‘kind’ and ‘Modified’ column (in my own Column personalization).

I checked with ‘Jaikoz‘ and ‘tag’: the flac files have their correct metadata.

Where am I wrong?
What do not I understand?

I read the manual… You talk only about mp3 library. Flac (or other kind of music files) are not supported for playing the music.
I am not interested to play music in DTP (I use an external app); I am interested to index my music library and read, if it would possible, the correct metadata for all kind of music files.

Best regards