dtp & mediawiki

hi all

for a while now i’ve been working on a large historical research project with devonthink pro. it’s mostly wiki-based in the sense that i’ve created a separate rtf entry for each person, place or theme, with proper aliases, and everything links together rather well. there are separate groups and subgroups which contain all the accompanying media: pdfs, jpgs, quicktime movies, audio etc, which are referred to from each rtf wiki. so far so good.

what bothers me is the impossibility in dtp to create a consistent style between all the documents, with automatic headings, subheadings, tables of content etc, which a php-based wiki platform does pretty well. i’ve installed a local copy of mediawiki on my macbook and some of the functionality in it is perfect for me: css-based layout, automatic html tags, “what links here” functions and the like. it’s also very easy to edit a document, just like in dtp.

there are few reasons why i haven’t switched my project to mediawiki, though, mainly the inability of that platform to create automatic wiki links or to search inside pdf files. these are the two most important reasons that made me stick to dtp. however, i would like to know if anyone can either (1) talk about near-future functionality of dtp or (2) point me to a server-based platform which might do what dtp does.

thanks a lot in advance