DTP Office & Scanning Feeback

When I scanned a landscape document, it correctly determined that it was landscape and not portrait. However, it seems to have squished the document horizontally, and placed it on a portrait document.

It would be nice to have a toolbar button and shortcut for importing from a scanner.

The store dialog that comes down isn’t moveable. Would be nice to be able to see the document since I need to refer to the original to name the document.

The multi-page workflow works very good, but if I am doing multiple documents I have to go back to File->Import->From Scanner->Capture. A toolbar or keyboard shortcut would help, but a better workflow would be better.

As suggested before, a downsample option would be nice.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Scanner/OCR option. I was using Adobe Acrobat before, but DTPro Office has replaced it.

Hi, jamus. What scanner (name/model) are you using?

If you have a landscape document you should set it during the scanner options. Then the resulting document is also landscape and the rotation and scaling are set up appropriately.

There is a “Store and Capture New” button in the Scanner window toolbar that should satisfy your needs.

Epson Perfection 3170

It seems that rotation is disabled if OCR is turned on, because it’s automatically detected.

The “Store and Capture New” really helps the workflow, but I’d expect a “Import from Scanner” on the main window.

But I didn’t write that you need to rotate explicitly, you only need to specify that the document is landscape and everything else is done automatically. :wink:

Finally got it. I would have to say this is a bit confusing. There’s a page, and then there’s the image on the page, which can be different sizes and orientation. I guess I’m used to Adobe Acrobat where when you import the image, the size of the page will default to the size and orientation of the image.

I was also expecting this to be available at the Scanning Options page (edit: it is, just haven’t seen it before), or since the image orientation was automatically determined, that the page orientation would follow.

I also see this as a bit of a limitation. All pages that get imported will have to be the same size and orientation, and for some of the stuff I’m scanning, this is not necessarily the case. Unless, of course, I’m missing something else.