DTP on multiple monitors

At my desk, I have a MacBook Pro and a 32" monitor. When at my desk, I usually move DTP over to the big screen. But when I open it back up on the laptop alone, the DTP main window disappears! Or at least I thought it did, until I spotted a little sliver at the far edge of my laptop screen. I dragged it back into the center and all was right and peaceful with the world.

What happens, then, is that when I go from MPP + external monitor > MBP alone, the DTP window fails to migrate back to the MBP screen. This happens even when I quit DTP on the 2-screen setup and re-launch it under the 1-screen setup. This is the only app I have that shows this behavior—everything else (Word, Acrobat, Zoom, etc., etc.) automatically spring back to the active monitor.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Seems like a small issue to fix? It’d be great if this could be addressed in the next “minor bug fixes” update.


Currently DEVONthink uses the default handling of macOS actually, the next release should improve this. If you’re interested in a beta version, just send me a PM.