DTP: TextEdit and Font : monday bugs or how time is lost

DTP - TextEdit and Font : monday morning bugs or how time is lost
1/2 - 12 is not twelve
a text with size font 12 is not printed as 12 when printed from DTP editor (less than 10) (opened in TextEdit, size is printed correctly 12)

2/2 - saved but lost
I begin to create a text (a brainstorming) in DTP… After some minutes, I open it in TextEdit (to recover the current UI) and after some minutes of editing adding etc… cmd save … but the text in the DTP don’t change and lost… conclusion… don’t use textedit to edit a text in DTP… SYNCHRONISATION is a big pb…
Hope solutions coming soon…

I’ve had the same kind of problem (but with Texshop and DTPro). It turned out that my work was not lost, but stored in a tmp folder. So, if you did not logout or restart in the meantime, try to search in the tmp folder, peharps you will find your textedit file there?
Hope this caan help,


Printing of texts via DT is currently equal to printing texts via TextEdit which are not (!) wrapped to page margins. This means that the text is scaled if the window is too wide.

I don’t understand why DTP in note (rtf) resize font size - because when I choose a 12 point font, it is to be 12 and readable on print even if a “screen zooming” is used or not … curious translation of wysiwyg from Mac ?

Hi !

It was to late, because during testing behaviour, DTP rewrite the tmp file saved by TextEdit… Conclusion, I use “Open with TextEdit” ONLY for print and not for edit…

Both DT Pro and TextEdit print the visible window/view - if it’s too wide, there are only two solutions: Clip or scale. Anyway, wrapping to page margins will come and improve this.