DTP v DTPO - email importing/archiving

Hello all.

I’m almost too embarrassed to ask this question… :blush:

But having searched the forums - I realise some would refer to DTP when they actually meant to say DTPO, and vice versa.

I know email archiving is listed as a feature of DTPO - but what does this mean exactly?

Put differently - am I able to import a smartfolder from Mail into DTP - or is this only a feature that is available in DTPO?

Many thanks!

Import (and store == archive) a copy of your mail into DEVONthink. It’s not an automated process – new mail does not automatically show up in DEVONthink.

DEVONthink Pro Office has a feature File > Import > Email … that the Help file describes as

That is in at article at Help > Menus > The File Menu > Import > Email > Read More [Archiving email] – which is the best source to answer your questions. You can download the manual for the same information or the “Importing email” tutorial.

Smart groups in almost every OS X app (including Mail and DEVONthink) are merely saved searches – there is no physical folder anywhere that stores messages. With the DEVONthink Pro Office mail plugin installed it is possible to select the messages in a smart mailbox in Mail and use Mail > Message > Import to DEVONthink Pro Office. However, again, there is no automated process for this – it is manual.

If you are looking for a truly automated email archiving program I personally suggest programs designed to only archive mail – I use Mail Steward, which has proven rock solid without failure during years of use for me. But it also cannot see Smart Mailboxes.

Many thanks Korm!

You answered all I needed to know.

I came across references to the mail plugin ‘service’ in the Manual & Getting Started ebook - but was not entirely sure if this was the archiving feature available in DTPO in its entirety - or whether archiving was something additional in DTPO, and that the plugin service should also be available in DTP (which would mean I had a problem, since mine was absent).

That was a mouthful. Regardless - got it now!

I’m seriously giving thought to upgrading to DTPO, for the above feature. Wish I hadn’t bought PDFPen6 a month before stumbling across DTP - but such is life! :slight_smile:

If it’s any consolation, I have both PDFPen and DTPO, and although there is some overlap of function there are plenty of ways in they are different (and designed to be different), and perform completely separate roles in my ‘toolbox’.

Hugh - that just made my day! Good to know.

And you’re right of course - just remembered the “convert PDF to Word” option in PDFPen, which is super useful.

On the subject of email and DTP vs. DTPO, Pro Office also gives you the capability to search the content of imported emails while Pro does not.

Greg - that’s precisely what I’m hoping to do - thanks for confirming.

We receive a daily “LegalBrief” email, that contains all the law-related news/happenings of the day - I want to be able to trawl through these, and pick up articles pertaining to my field.