DTP v2.x = constant crashing on synch'ing or deleting from d

I have recently installed DTP 2.x and now my db constantly crashes.

1st) Trying to synchronize my linked folders causes a fatal crash, software quits
2nd) So, I tried to remove those folders from the db (so as to re-add them) and trying to remove them causes a fatal crash, software quits.
3rd) The software often announces it is “already in use” if I try to open it, so I have made sure to properly quit after re-opening the software
after a crash. This does not resolve the crashing behavior. Restarting of computer also does not resolve it.

I am on OS X 10.5.8

Please help me get my db working properly as it was during the previous versions.

best wishes,

Although it hung once… and took a very long time thereafter, rebuilding my databases solved my crashing problems after I installed DTP 2.x.