DTP versus DTPO - Yes, comparis sheet read


I am going to try to make my home offic paperless by DT.
But as it is only for private use I am thinking about if DTP would be enough as the price of DTPO is nearly the double.
The comparism sheet point out the differences but does not make them pratically clear. The major differences are on mail and scanner support.
So I would really appreciate if someone could give a short explanation for the following:

  1. E-Mail files - What is the difference between “Full” and “view, search”

  2. E-Mail archiving - Difference “Advanced” / “Basic”

What I finally need is to archive my mails incl. attachements, search header, subject and text

  1. Scanner support - Is it only more comfortable? More concrete - If I buy a Snapscan which is usually delivered with an Abby Finereader license, would there be a big difference if scanning with OS tools doing OCR after and import the 2 docs manually?

Thx in advance for your help


I’ll let others address the Snapscan/scanning/OCR support, but you will need Pro Office if you wish to search for text in emails. I bought the Pro Office license for the additional email capabilities, even though most people think Pro Office is all about the OCR.

Note that the Abbyy FineReader app supplied with your ScsnSnap will only perform OCR on images produced by the ScanSnap scanner. It will not OCR images produced by another source. The OCR module in DEVONthink Pro Office doesn’t have that limitation.

Ok - thx to both - that clarifies.
Seems I am forced to DTPO.