DTP3 and Scan Snap Home software

Will DTP3 work with ScanSnap Home software? ScanSnap will not upgrade their current software for the IX500 scanner

Yes it works

You can also check this out:

I am having trouble getting my scanner to input to DevonThink Pro 3. I just purchased the software registered and opened my current data base. I am using Fujitsu ScanSnap Home with the iX500 scanner - the one I used with DTPO2. I have gone through the steps outlined by BLUEFROG above several times. I am using an iMAC running Mojave. DevonThink Pro 3 is listed as the application in preferences. Settings show Devon Think Pro 3 in the applications bar and my iX500 as the selected scanner. Edit Profile shows the following Profile Name DTPRO 3, Documents,Normal scan, Mac,Send to: Devon Think Pro3 and saved. Manage in ScanSnap Home is not checked. The save to is to ScanSnap Home. Step4 and a new profile shows the same information Send to DevonThink Pro 3. Any help will be appreciated.

But what specifically is the problem?

I now have the scanner putting the scanned document into my DTP3 “Inbox”. Now how do I get the document into the desired folder. On DTPO2 the queue jumped to select the proper folder. When I select import / image Capture / There are no Devices -nothing in Queue and nothing in imports. I can Drag the scanned document to the proper folder but that seems very slow. Point me in the right direction please, I can’t find the right help section.

Set Preferences > Import > Destination to Select group.

I just upgraded from DTP2 to DTP3, I used the Scan Snap IX500 with no problems, I think I even added some documents in the new version over the weekend and it worked fine but now it is hanging up. Scan Snap is showing that it sent it to DTP 3 and DTP 3 shows it is adding the file but it sits there indefinitely. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

Welcome @marktinney

Have you quit and relaunched DEVONthink?

I have relaunched and restarted the computer too.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

It works great with DT3 once you figure out how to add the app to the Home software and create a profile which devonthink has done well on their website. Unfortunately Fujitsu instructions and help is sadly lacking.

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Fujitsu needs help with their manual / instructions. It is usually there, just not where you think it is.