DTP3 Imported searchable PDF documents not identified as "pdf+text"

I’ve recently upgraded from DTP2 to DTP3. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I import PDF files that are fully searchable, the document kind is listed as “PDF document” instead of “PDF+Text”, even though they are fully searchable and can be copied from or converted to plain text. However, this isn’t true for all such PDF files, others are identified as “PDF+Text”. In DTP2, these documents would have been imported as “PDF+Text”. Is this a bug, and is there any way to update their kind to “PDF+Text”? Thanks!

This might be a display glitch after indexing the file in the background. Is the type correct after relaunching the app?

3.0.2 will fix this.

Christian, yes, relaunching DT3 did fix it, and thanks for the update regarding 3.0.2!