DTpersonal & Bookends


What is the easiest way to make DTpersonal and Bookends play together in the bibliography department. I mean: insert references from Bookends into a rtf DTpersonal document and have them scanned by Bookends producing a nice final bibliography list.

I know there are already posts about the subject in this forum, but I got a bit confused about scripts, and so. Question is: what is the state of the art now from an user point of view, not for a scripts expert.

Desde já, obrigado (thanks in advance).

I don’t use Bookends, but I can add that any Bookends to/from integration that requires scripting will require DT Pro or Pro Office as DT Personal is not scriptable.

Ok, I can upgrade to Pro, but is it worth doing considering the DT-BE collaborative work?

BE isn’t scrioptable either. The way I do it is I index the BE attachments folder and attach the syncronize script to the folder so it updates itself. This will place all your attachments into your database and expose them to the DT AI search

There is a smart template in DEVONthink Pro and up that lets you add Bookends citations to your DEVONthink database including a back link to Bookends.

And yes, Bookends is not scriptable so I needed to use weird workarounds (like user interface scripting — technically mimicking user gestures).

Please see here for an updated version of the template (right at the end of the thread).

Thanks Eric. Now can you solve the mystery for me? How does DT attach URL’s to PDFs? I know it isn’t a tag, nor is it in the comments. But I know it is retained! (And can another program do the same thing in order to facilitate interoperability?)

Certainly English as a foreign language is not helping communication here, not at least from my side.

What I asked for is: I want to add Bookends references and format bibliographies in any document produced in RTF format, inside DEVONthink.

Exactly the same work I can do with: Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro, Word 2008, Apple Pages, OpenOffice.

I guess it is not relevant if Bookends is scriptable or not; if Mellel, and all the others can, why not DEVONthink?

scanning of rtf’s in DT is theoretically possible I would think, but probably something that sonnysoftware would need to create.

Right now, the option for you is to drag the rtf on to your desktop, then choose scan document in Bookends and choose the document on your desktop. Not ideal, but gets the job done.

Yes, that is an alternative. I can also open the RTF with one of the mentioned word processors (using “Open With”) and scan it with Bookends even from inside the DEVONthink database.

URLs are stored as meta data to the document inside DEVONthink’s database structure.