DTPO 2.0b8 teeny tiny web fonts

I installed the update today and the default has shrunk down the web fonts to probably half the size they were before. I tried viewing the RSS feed, but the fonts were probably the equivalent of 6 point or smaller! I tweaked a custom stylesheet to default the body to 1.5em and it’s better but still too small.

When I open a stored web page in Safari, it looks like the fonts are about 85% of what they should be… (ballpark).

Incidentally, while noticing this, I tried Ctrl-Option-Up and Ctrl-Option-Down. The first works, the second doesn’t.

Please check the default fonts (see Preferences > Web), the default should be Times 16.

The WebKit seems to use/block the second one on its own but right now I don’t know why. The shortcut works in all other views (text, PDF etc.)

Should be, but isn’t. Something in PB8 causes the default to change to some other font or point size. Maybe there is an unexpected interaction with a custom stylesheet somewhere. Whatever, I can verify that BoxOfSnoo (what’s going on with that? :neutral_face: ) is correct.

Sometimes after installing the first pb8 private build I noticed the “Standard font” default was changed but I don’t know if it actually happened in pb7 or even earlier release. I wondered if it could be related to my List Views Font adjustments a few months ago, but was doubtful since that’s on the Preferences > General tab. Seeing this thread makes me more curious of the reason.

Btw, minor cosmetic nit:

“… font” is lowercase on the Web tab, but uppercase “… Font” on the General and Editing tabs.