DTPO 2.2 beachballs

This is a transient issue that I’ve not found a way to reproduce, but I’ve noticed in DTPO 2.2 that I’m getting more spinning beachballs when opening databases, importing or dragging documents into a database, printing, etc. – basically any type of IO involving DTPO. On multiple machines, each with a minimum of 4 GB+ memory, 10.6.8. My database footprint hasn’t changed much in several months (i.e., across several DT dot releases). No console errors.

So, I’m posting this anecdote to see if any others have noticed a change. Things just seem more hangy than before 2.2.

I’m not seeing any slowdown here, on a clean install of Lion. Unlike some of the apps that I use (Apple’s MAS app in particular), DEVONthink Pro Office is one of the few apps that doesn’t appear to have slowed down on Lion.

I haven’t seen slowdowns under Lion, although I’m seeing a bit less free RAM available than under Snow Leopard. (But a new computer. Shared memory for graphics in the new Air?)

There are 1001 problem reports regarding more or less the same symptoms you describe littering the internet, post-Lion upgrade (pertaining to everything in general, not just DTPO). I did a clean install and experience none of these issues with DTPO or anything else… 'Course, I had to do a clean install, 'cuz when the Lion installer sez, “Can’t make recovery partition or start FileVault when installing onto RAID, continue anyway?” what it really means is: “Destroy your RAID completely!!! Press [OK] to continue!” So I wound up writing the InstallESD.dmg to a partition, installing clean on an external drive, then cloning it back onto RAIDset.

Thing 2: have you tried clear cache & rebuild Spotlight index? The latter seems to speed things up considerably after my initial migration.

The slowdowns I’m seeing are on 10.6.8, the old-fashioned, pre-Lion, Snow Leopard. :confused:

Along with korm, I have been seeing this for some time under Snow Leopard and now Lion. Nothing I’ve tried really seems to solve the problem. Not sure what it is but every once in a while I’ll make a change and the beach ball spins for a good 30 seconds. Seems to happen on different machines which means it may be the database (which is rather large). Rebuilding, etc… doesn’t help.

Very unfortunate.

Tom S.