[DtPO 2.6.1] dubious Formatted Note naming

Opening a Web Archive document with http://example.com/abc/def/usercomments?start=0 URL metadata and running Capture Page > Formatted Note from the context menu creates a new FN document with usercomments?start=0 as its Name. I haven’t looked for similar cases. I’d expect the original document name would be used.

Does the web archive have a “title” element?

If you select a Web archive document, right-click, and choose ‘Convert>to Formatted Note’, then the new document will have the same title as the source document. If you create a Formatted Note document by capturing the page of a HTML document, you get the end of the HTML document’s URL as the title.

I use the convert method myself for this reason, however strangely enough some HTML documents fail to convert, making the page capture the only option.

Answering my own question, and commenting on Greg’s post. The element seems to have nothing to do what Convert to > Formatted Note does.

I also see the failure to convert that Greg mentions. Frequently, Conversion to Formatted Note also loses styling – e.g., capture a web archive of this forum page and then convert to Formatted Note. Most (not all) of the styling disappears in the Formatted Note.

Brief followup:

The differences between Capture Page > … and Convert > … can be confusing, like you guys mentioned.

Capture Page > HTML has the same end-of-URL naming behavior as … > Formatted Note.

… > Rich Text only operates on a selection, which can have unexpected results if Control-Click is done before making one. Capture Page > … seems to imply commands are applicable to the entire page.

By default capturing uses the page title. If there’s none, then the last URL component is used (or the host if there’s none).

Converting should use the name of the original record. Could you please send me any examples? Thanks in advance!


An acceptable workaround, which actually makes more sense than using Capture with existing documents.

More issues that increase Convert vs. Capture confusion.

Seems capturing only tries using a page’s HTML title tag (which korm mentioned) for naming purposes.

I’d rather the Name of an existing document be used for a newly-captured document if the former’s page title can’t be determined when capturing from it. The last URL component or host could still be used for naming captured non-document pages that don’t have preferable titles.

Which I’d also like capturing to do, whenever possible and appropriate.