[DtPO 2.6.1] unexpected document metadata

Importing a file named crontab@10.3.9 created a document with this metadata:

Name: crontab@10.3
Path: ./9/0/crontab@10.3.9
Kind: 9

Data > Duplicate copies of it aren’t recognized as duplicates.

I understand the error on duplication, but what part of the metadata is unexpected?

What is the correct “kind”? For a plain text document I created with this name, OS X has “kind” as “document” – AFAIK, DEVONthink doesn’t use a generic “kind” such as “document”. Should it?

The path is just the path in the database – in this case using /9/ inside files.noindex because of the assignment of “9” as kind. Is that an error?

Only “Kind: 9” is unexpected; sorry for not being more explicit. Name is annoying, dropping the ‘.9’ it assumes is an extension when importing (if Preferences > Import / Titles: Filename without extension is set), like I’ve mentioned elsewhere.

At least when an original file’s kMDItemKind is simply Document, Dt seems to set Spotlight metadata (if the db has indexing enabled) for its internal Kind (com_DEVONtechnologies_think_RecordKind) from the extension (if it has one), kMDItemKind to DEVONthink Pro Office Document, and logs “Unknown Format” when successfully imported. Otherwise it logs “Failed” and the import fails. I’m not sure where the internal Kind for Dt documents is stored when db Spotlight indexing is disabled.

I’d much prefer com_DEVONtechnologies_think_RecordKind (or whatever its internal Kind is) to have a generic value instead of being inherited from an extension or empty.

No error, with how extensions are currently used for the parent dirname. Without an extension the dirname is ‘*’, e.g.:

Path: ./*/6/abcdef

I’d rather not care about the Files.noindex structure as long as it works properly.