DTPO 2.8.3 no longer opens databases on startup

At startup, DTPO supposedly re-opens all databases that were open when the program was last quit. Unfortunately, this behavior has disappeared, and now I must manually open my databases after startup. Is this a regression, or a new “feature”?

Do you have any databases set to Sync before closing?

Yes, all are set to sync when opening and when closing.

We are looking into this.

Exactly! I facing the same issue when I have (and only have) my “Inbox” set to “sync before closing”. After I unset that, all databases open on startup.

This is happening to me also. I have six databases, and to have to re-open each one every time I run the program is really annoying. The inbox syncs.

This is happening to me too.

I have one database and it is set to synchronise on opening, closing and hourly.

Running OS X 10.10.2

This should be fixed in the next maintenance release.