DTPO 2 does not import jpg's from DTPO 1

i upgraded by database, but DTPO 2 did not bring in any jpg’s that are in the original database. i’ve no idea what else isn’t migrated, tho my new database is much smaller than the previous one. any thoughts?

i can’t really tell how best to report this as there is no special menu option in DTPO 2.

Open new ticket

actually it didn’t import any pdf’s either. my old database is on my hard disk and there doesn’t seem to be anything peculiar about it.

When making a bug report, please give a brief description of the size of your database, etc.

If there’s a recent crash log for either or both versions of the DEVONthink application, please send that, as well, as it can provide useful information about the software environment on your computer. Quite often, problems result from the installation of a “hack” that has modified OS X and caused errors in operating system procedures.

Crash logs can be found in the Console, or in your user Library at: ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.

Why not create an easily referenced sticky thread about submitting bug reports (and other oft-repeated FAQ-like information? Seems silly to post it where it’ll eventually get buried, then redundantly reposted again in some other thread, buried…

Anything to help cut down those apply, lather, rinse, repeat cycles here, eh? :slight_smile: